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Tee Jay


Age: 28 years

Sex: Gelding

Weight: 1100 lbs
Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Chestnut


Tee Jay is a is a 28-year-old gelding Quarter horse. He loves all children and is gentle with even the smallest of our kiddos. He has been known to attract admirers from afar with his majestic stance and handsome piercing looks. He loves snacks.  Some of his favorites are apples and peppermints. He has a great dislike for bugs so you may see him with his fly mask on quite frequently. He loves his herd and looks over them like a big brother.


Tee Jay loves his neck stroked and his tail brushed. He has sensitive skin so he prefers gentle brushing and the application of fly spray to help keep the bugs away. Tee Jay has enjoyed his retirement years at his family home with his own herd and human family of 4. His new home at THP has perked him up and he is feeling youthful with his new job.


Will be to provide a variety of classes for our students such as horsemanship 101, equine anatomy, social behavior, creative play and independence. Tee Jay looks forward to all his new friends and assisting our team in all new learning experiences on the ground and mounted.

*Tee Jay's sponsorship is $10,000 per year. This covers nutrition, health and safety, mobility gear, learning supplies, and allows THP to provide scholarships to children who will partner with Tee Jay for their therapeutic horsemanship programs.

Would you please consider a full or partial sponsorship?

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