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THP partners with Amy Allen

We are proud to announce an equine clinic for beginners through advanced horseman called Communication Through Groundwork. The instructor will be Amy Allen. Space is limited. All proceeds support the programs of THP.

Amy's training is based upon Horsemanship and Classical Dressage. She studies and has ridden with Buck Brannaman. She also studies the work of Ray Hunt, Bill and Tom Dorrance, Sally Swift, Leslie.Desmond and Phillipe Karl. She has also learned a great deal from the horse, the ultimate teacher.Amy has learned that rushing to get a result often takes longer if the horse is not ready. "Wait on the horse" is a term that you will frequently hear her say, "timing is everything". Once you understand the horse's reason for what he does and you increase your awareness, you will begin to communicate in their language. Horses are prey animals and will run away when frightened, if they can't run they will fight, another option is to shut down. Once you earn their trust and change their thoughts, they become a willing partner, working with you without resistance". "Patience, awareness, timing, communication in the horses language, feel, and an open mind are ways to build a good relationship with your horse. The learning never ends, we need to listen to the horse. I want your horse experience to be safe, educational and enjoyable."

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