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Age: 24 years

Sex: Gelding

Weight: 300 lbs
Breed: Mini (31”)

Color: Sorrel Pinto


Scribbles is a registered American Miniature and happy little man. He loves his morning bucket of mash, whole shelled peanuts for treats, long leisurely walks and reading with his best human friends. He travels via a Honda Element with our staff volunteer. 


Scribbles is a very hairy 31” mini. His long furry coat gives him warmth in the cold winter months. When Spring arrives, he receives a haircut to help keep him cool and dry. His long gorgeous mane and tail provide lots of fun for anyone to comb or braid. Scribbles has a lot of personality and will tell you what he is thinking immediately. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn many important matters of the horse with Scribs.


Mr. Scribs will provide a variety of classes for our students such as reading sessions, horsemanship 101, equine anatomy, and social behavior and much much more. Scribbles has his own cart with which he can pull his human friends around in. The THP team loves Scribs and you will too!

*Scribbles' sponsorship is $6,000 per year. This covers nutrition, health and safety, mobility gear, learning supplies, and allows THP to provide scholarships to children who will partner with Scribbles for their therapeutic horsemanship programs.

Would you please consider a full or partial sponsorship?

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