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Age: 26 years

Sex: Mare

Weight: 1000 lbs
Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Bucksin


Ginger is a 26-year-old retired gaming purebred Quarter Horse. She loves all people and places. She is comfortable in any situation and provides comfort and support to those that require this of her while experiencing and learning social skills and independent tasks. Ginger also loves a good massage and yummy treats. Ginger is everyone's buddy, people and horses alike.


Ginger is a beautiful bay color with highlights of auburn and gold in her mane and tail. She likes gentle grooming and scratches on her back. Gingers beauty is not only on the outside but her old soul is loving, caring and beautiful too. She loves her morning feed and snacking on hay. She looks forward to her morning pasture time and is a strong support leader for all our new horses.


Ginger will provide a variety of classes for our students such as reading sessions, horsemanship 101, equine anatomy, and social behavior obstacle gameplay and riding. Ginger will take care of all our students big and small with groundwork activities. She will also support our little riders with learning balance, form, and communication. Your support of Ginger will support our students with disabilities in obtaining their short and long term goals.

*Ginger's sponsorship is $10,000 per year. This covers nutrition, health and safety, mobility gear, learning supplies, and allows THP to provide scholarships to children who will partner with Ginger for their therapeutic horsemanship programs.

Would you please consider a full or partial sponsorship?

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