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Scholarships Available for EAL Courses

Amounts are determined by Federal poverty guidelines.




Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Horsemanship 101 
(pre-requisite for Adaptive Riding)

This is a great beginning or refresher course for ages 5-21 years. Students will get to meet and greet our horses while receiving hands-on experience. Within this series, students will learn about a horse’s nutritional needs, health care, tack, grooming, safety and boundaries. Each student will be supported by our professional staff members during his/her experience with the horse. He/she will learn how to safely catch, meet, groom and establish a mutual partnership with the horse. This special time will include education through social observation, interaction, self-esteem building, and creative play. Each student will end their session by providing a healthy yummy treat for their partner horse.


EAL students, completing the Horsemanship 101 course, will go through an assessment process with their instructor for advancement into our beginner adaptive riding program to build their horsemanship skills. 

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) 
Adaptive Riding

These classes are for students ages 5-21 years requiring a support team consisting of two or more of the following at all times: Instructor, side-walker, support member and horse. Adaptive riding is for students with disabilities or challenges to build on strength, agility, sensitivity, social/emotional or cognitive awareness through centered riding and ground activities. Horsemanship 101* is a prerequisite for these classes and must be taken before applying for the EAL Adaptive Riding program. This is to ensure that our students receive safe and proper knowledge of barn and horse activities while achieving goals and growing with us as a THP family.

All EAL students will be provided a consultation with their instructor to ensure proper placement in a class that provides a positive, safe, fun, and achievable outcome.

*Scholarships do not apply to riding instruction.


Riding Instruction

These classes are provided with professional riding instructor, Elaina Tonto. Elaina provides riding instruction for adults too by contacting her directly by clicking this link. Each student will go through an assessment process to ensure each student’s placement level is within their scope of knowledge and safety and provides the greatest outcome for success.

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Please book (6) consecutive weekly sessions.

Apply for scholarships before booking to get your discount code.

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